Instructions for playing 6-card Cat Te for real money

When looking for card games, you are certainly no stranger to the card game. Cat te, also known as 6-card playing, is a popular subject in card games. If you still don’t know how to play this game, read the following instructions for playing 6-card Cat Te for real money.
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What is sand te gambling?

Did you know that with just one deck of 52 cards, people have come up with more than 30 different ways to play cards? Each game has its own way of playing that makes a difference. Some people love this game, but some people love that game. One of the most popular and most frequently played games is 6-card sand.

The 6-leaf catgo originated from India and then spread to Asian countries and especially Southeast Asia. In the world, the game Cat Te also has a number of other names such as Sac te, cut numb, etc. But basically the way of playing is the same all over the world, there is no big difference.

Terminology used by players when playing sand te

When playing, you need to understand the specific specific terms of this game:

  • White win: when your hand appears in 1 of 3 cases: a card with four of a kind, a card with 6 cards of the same suit, a card with all 6 cards less than 6.
  • Last: The last remaining card in each round
  • Card: refers to a card placed face down
  • Dead: The player loses all 4 games consecutively. At this time, the person who dies will be eliminated and lose the right to play
  • Tung wins Tung: is the person who defeated the dead person
  • Distillation: after 4 rounds, continue to perform round 5

Instructions for playing 6-card Cat Te for real money

In each card game, the number of participants is at least 2 and at most 5. The way to play is as follows:

  • The dealer in turn deals 6 random cards to each player
  • In the first 4 rounds, players will take turns playing cards clockwise. Each person gets to play 1 card. The card played must satisfy two conditions: larger and of the same suit as the previous player’s card. If you don’t have any cards that achieve this, you must place them face down. The last person to do it means having the biggest card and the same suit as the first player is the winner of the round.
  • At the end of a round, the winner of round 1 will be the starter of round 2. Same for rounds 3 and 4.
  • After all 4 rounds, if anyone does not win any round (loses all 4 rounds) they will be eliminated.
  • The winner is the last one standing
  • In case there are 2 or more survivals, a 5th round will be added. The rules are the same as the previous 4 rounds.
  • Round 6: all players show their cards. The one who survives is the winner.

How to calculate card rewards

The difference between card games and other ways of playing cards is that each different score level has a different reward rate.
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  • The overall winner: will receive the entire bet amount of the remaining players in the game
  • Win blank: at this point the player will lose money at a ratio of 1:12
  • Defeat: in this case the loser will lose money at a ratio of 1:8
  • Falling and losing an ace: the payout is based on the number of aces, each ace is lost 1:2
  • Lose with balance: You will have to lose the amount of money calculated according to the formula: amount = 6 – balance

Experience playing cat te is easy to win

Playing Cat Te well also requires knowing how to play and using appropriate strategies. You can refer to the following experiences:

  • Choose consecutive cards: If you are the first player, calculate based on the cards you have. If your cards are Q, K, A, you should play them first to avoid death and easily catch the spare. Cards 7,8,9… should be played when you are not blocked. As for the cards with small value, you should leave them face down for last.
  • Holding cards: This way you need to carefully observe your cards and your opponent’s playing style. If the player has spare parts, you need to consider because you don’t necessarily have to follow, but if you follow, it will help eliminate the opponent more quickly.
  • Show cards: You should choose cards with great value, this will help reduce the odds of playing cards from other players who are your opponents.
  • Taking cards: This is a technique that needs to be practiced a lot because it will help you have a beautiful hand. Usually the big cards will be taken and kept, while the small cards will be discarded.

Instructions for playing 6-card Cat Te for real money will surely make it easier for you to play this game. What you need to do now is to practice regularly to achieve the highest prize. Register an account at the house New88 to receive great deals.

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