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Techking’s TKAM II Steer Tire: Enhancing Traction Capacity and Noise Reduction Performance

Techking‘s TKAM II steer tire is a high-quality tire designed specifically for steer and all-position applications. With its advanced features, this tire offers enhanced traction capacity and noise reduction performance, making it an excellent choice for various road conditions.

Enhanced Traction Capacity:

The TKAM II steer tire is equipped with a semi-open shoulder design that significantly improves its traction capacity. This innovative design allows the tire to maintain optimal grip on the road, even in challenging conditions such as wet or slippery surfaces. The enhanced traction capacity ensures precise handling and reliable control, providing drivers with increased confidence and safety on the road.

Noise Reduction Performance:

One of the standout features of the TKAM II steer tire is its variable pitch sequence design, which effectively reduces noise levels during operation. This design optimizes the arrangement of tread blocks, resulting in a more harmonious and balanced sound emission. As a result, the tire produces less noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Prevention of Stone Retention:

The TKAM II steer tire is equipped with an arc groove design that effectively prevents the retention of stones and debris. The arc-shaped grooves on the tire’s tread surface help to channel away stones, reducing the risk of stone drilling and potential damage to the tire. This feature enhances the tire’s durability and extends its lifespan, ultimately providing a cost-effective solution for vehicle owners.


Techking’s TKAM II steer tire offers exceptional traction capacity, noise reduction performance, and stone retention prevention. With its semi-open shoulder design, variable pitch sequence, and arc groove design, this tire provides drivers with enhanced control, a quieter driving experience, and improved durability. Techking’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that the TKAM II steer tire meets the highest standards of performance and customer satisfaction.

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