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Cylindrical Cell Assembly with SZJ Automation’s Cell Insertion Machines

Businesses can enhance their assembly processes with the help of SZJ Automation, which focuses on shelling stability and production efficiency. SZJ Automation revolutionizes cylindrical cell assembly, increasing production efficiency and shelling yield by utilizing cutting-edge technology and inventive equipment.

Improved Production Efficiency with Turret Cam Drive Mechanism

SZJ Automation’s cell insertion machines feature a turret cam drive mechanism design, resulting in improved production efficiency and shelling stability. The precise and reliable cam drive mechanism enables seamless and efficient cell insertion, reducing assembly time and enhancing overall manufacturing output.

Enhanced Shelling Yield with High-Precision Testing Equipment

SZJ Automation’s cell insertion machines are equipped with high-precision core and shell diameter testing equipment. This advanced testing equipment allows for accurate and reliable measurements, leading to improved shelling yield. By precisely measuring the core and shell diameters, manufacturers can identify any variations, optimize the shelling process, and achieve higher yields.


SZJ Automation’s cell insertion machines revolutionize cylindrical cell assembly by enhancing production efficiency and shelling yield. The turret cam drive mechanism ensures improved efficiency and stability during cell insertion, optimizing assembly processes and increasing output. The integration of high-precision testing equipment enables accurate measurements and improved shelling yield, contributing to superior product quality.

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