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Efficient and Versatile Lighting Solutions

Light Sky’s Super Scope Max LED lamp spot. This versatile lighting solution offers exceptional power output and convenience in a compact package. Light Sky’s LED lamp spot combines impressive features with a robust build, making it the perfect choice for professionals seeking power and portability in their lighting setups.

Unmatched Power with High Voltage and Wattage

Light Sky’s Super Scope Max LED lamp spot delivers unmatched power with its high voltage and wattage. Operating within a voltage range of AC 100-240V and consuming 1430W, this lamp spot provides a reliable and consistent lighting performance. Whether you’re lighting up large venues, concerts, or architectural installations, Light Sky’s LED lamp spot ensures optimal brightness and impact.

Convenient Size and Sturdy Construction

Light Sky‘s Super Scope Max LED lamp spot offers convenient size and sturdy construction. The lamp spot features a housing made of durable engineering plastic PA66, ensuring long-lasting performance. With dimensions of 502 x 300 x 845mm and a weight of 44kg, it strikes a balance between portability and stability. The foldable light hook adds convenience during installation and positioning, allowing for easy setup in various lighting environments.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max LED lamp spot combines power and portability to meet the demands of professional lighting applications. With its high voltage, wattage, and sturdy construction, this lamp spot ensures unmatched performance and reliability. Whether you’re working on concerts, events, or architectural lighting projects, Light Sky’s LED lamp spot provides the necessary power and convenience.

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