NEW88 3-stick fish shooting and its most outstanding advantages in 2023

NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks is a game in the traditional fish shooting game series that stands out with a sharp interface and many unique features. Guaranteed to bring players exciting and exciting adventure moments. In the article below, let’s find out what the advantages of the 3-stick fish shooting game are.
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NEW88 What is 3-stick fish shooting?

Three-card fish shooting is a classic game that is very popular thanks to its extremely uniquely designed gameplay. There are also countless attractive features equipped to help fishermen easily conquer the monsters in the game. When playing the game, players will have a realistic feeling like they are floating on the sea.

The gameplay is also extremely simple as you just need to move the aiming bullet to hit the target. The amount of reward you receive when completing the mission will correspond to the target you defeat. It can be certain that this game is the fish hunting game with the most attractive reward rates today.

Outstanding advantages of the NEW88 3-stick fish shooting game

Although the column New88 fish shooting The house has many other games of the same genre, but most players choose to shoot 3-card fish. The reason this game receives such a large number of choices is because:

The interface is intelligently designed

The interface of this attractive game is designed to be lively but equally realistic. Extremely unique and new sea creatures stimulate players’ curiosity. The features included in the game are arranged extremely intelligently to help optimize the player’s experience.

High fish shooting reward rate

NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks In fact, the reward rate is much better than other currently released games of the same genre. Just spend a small amount of capital to buy weapons, when you defeat the target you will earn back many times over. Especially if you are a master at hunting sea monsters, this is a stable source of money to get rich.

Install common firing feature

The 3-stick fish shooting game does not tie players to the computer for entertainment but also has a shared play feature. Each game room displayed will have a maximum of 4 players logging in and also hunting monsters in an ocean. Players will compete with each other in defeating the game’s boss. At the same time, it also helps you expand your relationship with monster hunting experts if needed.

There are many outstanding features

The NEW88 3-stick fish shooting game equips you with a detailed ocean map to help you not get lost in this vast space. There is also a shop specializing in selling the most modern and diverse weapons on the market. Many times, you can also buy these weapons at the best prices.
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Huge deals

Player NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks In 2023, you will receive the following incentives:

  • Players who shoot 3-card fish only need to make a minimum bet of 100k to receive lucky money worth up to 58,888k Vietnam Dong.
  • Unlimited win or loss insurance when hunting sea monsters up to 16,888,888 VND.

How to play 3-card fish shooting game at NEW88 bookmaker

To be able to entertain and make money in the most effective way thanks to the game NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks, you need to carefully study the following content:

Specific game rules

Like many other fish shooting games, 3-stick fish shooting players’ only task is to hunt as many fish as possible. Especially large sea creatures with high difficulty will bring in more coins. During the process of hunting fish, players will be supported by the most advanced and modern weapons.

Because of the game NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks There is a common shooting feature, so the rules of the game are also a bit different. You have to compete with other players in occupying rich sea areas and cooperate with them to hunt huge fish species. Therefore, we need to consider when to cooperate and when to fight.

Specific way to bet

Bet level in the game NEW88 shoot fish with 3 sticks will correspond to the strength of the artillery shell. To adjust this bet level, click on the plus or minus sign on the game interface. In addition, the bet level also corresponds to the game room you choose: novice room, professional room or special room.

The above article has shared with you 5 advantages of the game NEW88 3-stick fish shooting and how to play the game from A to Z. The rules of the 3-stick fish shooting game are extremely simple and are a reasonable destination if you are passionate about this game series. Wishing you a new journey of hunting marine creatures here Bookmaker NEW88 Please.

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